Economics Explained:

Economics Explained is an online lecture series that I started as a way to provide my students with an opportunity to learn economics in their spare time (between classes, while waiting for the bus, etc.)  The videos give a brief overview various concepts in economics.  Feel free to use them as complements to your own lectures!

The videos can all be found here.

Media Appearances:

Acton Line: The reality of a $15 minimum wage, 7/31/19

Acton Line: Public Dissatisfaction with Washington, DC, 3/20/19

Open Line - Getting Paid: The Road to Fair and Equal HOMTV, 2/21/19

Radio Free Acton: Government Shutdowns1/16/19

Radio Free Acton: Pensions and Public Debt, 8/15/18

Radio Free Acton: Steel and Aluminum Tariffs, 3/14/18

Radio Free Acton: Income Inequality, 2/14/18

Radio Free Acton: Stock Market Boom, 1/31/18

2017’s Best & Worst State Economies - Commentary

"EconVersations Episode 105 - The Business of Government"

"EconVersations Episode 104 - How Many Jobs Does Santa Clause Cost?"

"EconVersations Episode 100 - How the Research of Economists Affects Ours Lives"

"EconVersations Episode 98 - The Economics of the Boston Ice Trade and its Implications for Today"

"Cable TV Prices Continue To Outpace Inflation At An Alarming Rate," Cut Cable Today, 2/4/16,

"Big Rapids Experts Weigh In On Falling Stocks." Fox 32 Local News, 1/20/16

"Stocks Face Largest Drop in Three Years."  Fox 32 Local News, 10/15/14

My Research in Popular Press:

"How a Massachusetts man invented the global ice market." The Boston Globe, 12/19/14

"Dr. Hebert Wins First Prize." Ferris State University College of Business Newsletter, 1/25/15